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Washington STEM leads Horizons grants
Washington STEM was tapped by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to manage the Horizons grants to improve postsecondary transitions in four regions across the state. Over four years, these partnerships with education, industry, and community groups will strengthen the career pathways systems that students want. Read More
STEM + CTE: Mutually reinforcing paths to success
Career technical education and STEM: both offer hands-on problem-solving, inquiry-based learning, and lead to challenging, in-demand careers. So why are they sometimes at odds? Let me tell you why--and how we are bringing them together. Read More
High School to Postsecondary: Technical Paper
An overwhelming majority of Washington's students aspire to attend postsecondary education. Read More
Critical Care – The Demand For Nurses
Nurses are a vital part of our healthcare system and demand for nursing professionals continues to rise. It's critical that students have access to robust healthcare career pathways programs so Washington has a strong and diverse healthcare workforce that meets current and future needs. Read More
Supporting Systems Change Through Career Pathways Programs
One of Washington STEM’s central goals is to develop an equitable system for postsecondary credential attainment for Washingtonians, especially for students of color, young women, students from low-income households, and students living in rural areas. But how exactly does systems change happen? Read More
Creating Opportunity, Equity, and Impact in Healthcare Careers
In-demand healthcare careers give students great opportunities for family-sustaining wages. They also offer the potential to drive impact individually and across communities & the world. We're working with Kaiser Permanente and other partners to ensure all students have access to education pathways that lead to these jobs. Read More
Press Release: Washington STEM Teams with Bank of America to Strengthen STEM Career Pathways
Washington STEM is pleased to announce a partnership with Bank of America. Read More
The Equitable Dual Credit Toolkit
Created in partnership with Eisenhower High School and OSPI, this toolkit was designed to help practitioners explore the driving questions behind disparities in dual credit participation. Read More