STEM by the Numbers

STEM by the Numbers dashboards below highlight three key indicators of student success: Kindergarten Math Readiness, 3rd Grade Math levels, and FAFSA Completion rates.

These indicators let us know if Washington’s education system is supporting more students, especially students of color, rural students, girls and young women, and students experiencing poverty, to be on track to attain the postsecondary credentials that lead to high-demand careers.

Kindergarten Math Ready: Over one-third of children in Washington State with all parents in the workforce do not have access to early learning in a licensed child care or ECEAP/Head Start program. By the time they reach kindergarten, only 66% of children are math ready. The chart below shows the percentage (%) of math-ready kindergartners by gender, race/ethnicity and whether they are English language learners, or in low-income households. For historical comparison (2015-2022), hover mouse over a bar.

3rd Grade Math: The chart below shows the percentage (%) of 3rd graders who meet grade level math standards by gender, race/ethnicity and whether they are English language learners or from low-income households.

FAFSA Completion: One of the key indicators of whether students will enroll in higher education are financial aid application (FAFSA) completion rates. Washington STEM created this dashboard to help schools set goals to improve their FAFSA completion rates over time. [other reasons?] This tool allows for comparison a school’s completion rate year-over-year (chart 1), or in comparison with district, region and state, by month, year-over-year (chart 2).

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