Free Use Policy

Washington STEM is a statewide, education nonprofit leveraging STEM for social change, removing barriers to credential attainment, and creating pathways to long-term economic security for historically excluded students.

As such, we encourage you to use and freely share these materials with attribution: maps, charts, graphics, photographs, data dashboards, calculators, and text-based works, such as reports, articles, blog posts, playbooks, toolkits, dashboards, calculators and other original written work. Note: See “Permission required” section below for instances where permission is required.

Attribution: When sharing our materials, please attribute them to Washington STEM. If you are posting the work online, you must include a link back to where the work is posted on the Washington STEM website, or otherwise to, by [author or Washington STEM], copyright [year] Washington STEM, Seattle; used with permission.” For photographs, please comply with any and all licenses and/or restrictions, including attribution requirements, applicable to the photo(s) and included on or near the photo(s) in the original posting or web page.

Some Rights reserved: We grant permission to use our works at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to revoke or deny permission to anyone at any time for any reason, and to remove content from the Site at any time, for any reason, without notice.

Keep Washington STEM informed: While we do not require permission for some forms or uses of our work, we do like to know how it is being used so that we can continue to create effective tools for education and advocacy. Please drop us a note at to let us know how you are using our work, and what else you would like to see.

Endorsements: Washington STEM does not endorse products.



While Washington STEM does not charge for use of its copyrights, but we do require permission for these uses:

  • Modification: If you wish to modify, alter, revise, transform, build upon or otherwise prepare derivative works of our Graphics and Text,
  • Commercial use: If you wish to use any Graphics, Text, photos or other content for commercial purposes (such as inclusion in a book, magazine, newspaper, fee-based website or any other for-profit or commercial venture),
  • Reproduce Photos: If you wish to reproduce, distribute, print or otherwise use, in any media, any photograph found on the Site. For photographs and images not originating with Washington STEM, you must obtain permission from the original source.

To obtain permission, please send an email