Eliza Dawley – 2022 Spokane Region Rising Star

Celebrating Washington's Next Generation of STEM Leaders
Eliza, a student at Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane, WA, was selected for her involvement in student organizations as well as her sense of curiosity.


Eliza DawleyGrade 11, Lewis & Clark High School

Spokane, WA
Spokane Region
2022 Washington STEM Rising Star


Meet Eliza

What are your plans after high school?

I hope that through college, I will develop a passion for research, and try to find real world applications of scientific knowledge that I will hopefully procure. Immediately after post-secondary school, however, I would like to take a bit of time to volunteer for the Peace Corps to give me a better understanding of the world outside the sheltered institutions of modern-day science. My largest hope for who I become after high school is that I never lose sight of myself – that I always question my own understanding, that I always chase happiness and success as only I see it, and that I stay humble, knowing that the world knows much more than I do, and always will.

What advice would you give your 5-year-old self?

A value that I wish had been instilled in me at a younger age is to explore everything, despite personal achievement and ease. What happens too often in kids is that some behaviors are rewarded and others are punished or overlooked, which can lead even flexible young people to believe too early that they have “static” capabilities (or lack thereof) in different subjects, despite all of the learning that could be done to change these perceptions. There are so many opportunities to learn, and everyone deserves the chance to experience as many things as they can get their hands on.


To learn a little more about this year’s Rising Stars, we asked our awardees some fun questions. Check out these videos to hear Eliza’s responses.

Nominated by her teacher

“While her extracurricular achievements are well worth celebrating, Eliza’s enthusiasm for learning and community-mindedness make her a true standout.”


“Eliza Dawley has gone above and beyond with her involvement in student organizations and volunteer work. Eliza is a member of Lewis and Clark High School’s Robotics Club, Math Club, and SkillsUSA chapter. Within these organizations, Eliza has demonstrated a strong work ethic and remarkable persistence. In particular, when the Robotics Club’s competitive season was canceled due to the pandemic, Eliza and her teammates pivoted to teaching kids how to code. Eliza has also taught coding at Spark Central, a local organization that offers programming and access to technology to young children, teens, and families.

Eliza strives to not only deepen her understanding of STEM topics, but to also share her knowledge with others. While her extracurricular achievements are well worth celebrating, Eliza’s enthusiasm for learning and community-mindedness make her a true standout.” -Kendra Moser, teacher at Lewis & Clark High School


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