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Maximum Representation: A call for inclusive data reporting
Washington STEM is joining Native education experts from across the state to support Maximum Representation – an effort to fully represent multiracial/multiethnic students in data sets and solve the interlocking problems of undercounted Native students and underfunded Native education. Read More
Principal Turnover
New research shows that principal turnover increased significantly since the pandemic, affecting under-resourced schools in both urban and rural settings. Washington STEM partnered with University of Washington College of Education researchers to curate and make sense of the data and to connect the findings to stakeholders and policy makers. The STEM Teaching Workforce blog series (see Teacher Turnover blog) highlights the recent research to support improving workforce diversity. Read More
Teacher Turnover
A University of Washington analysis found teacher turnover increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as school systems struggled to maintain adequate staffing levels. Existing patterns of inequality persisted, with the highest rates of teacher turnover impacting schools serving higher shares of students of color and low-income students. Targeted investments are needed to retain teaching talent and support a healthy and diverse teaching workforce. Read More
After-school STEM program builds on Indigenous knowledge
When an after-school program serving a small, rural community in the Columbia Gorge saw an influx of Tribal students, educators saw an opportunity — to integrate indigenous knowledge into STEM education. Read More
Integrating science in elementary classroom pays dividends later
Washington State LASER is helping elementary science stage a comeback! Elementary science is key to developing well-rounded students who can navigate a rapidly changing world: from managing their health and homes, to understanding a changing environment. Read More
From Spokane to the Sound, Washington State LASER Drives High Quality STEM Education
“As we bring on new STEM teacher-leaders and administrators, we encourage them to get involved with LASER as a way to get grounded in their roles and learn to navigate the complexities of Washington education systems. This work is critical for new educators,” Dr. Damien Pattenaude, Superintendent, Renton School District. Read More