Kali Stroshane – 2021 Apple Region Rising Star

2021 Rising Star and one of Washington's next generation of STEM leaders


Kali Stroshane

Kali Stroshane


12th Grade
Omak High School
Omak, WA

Kali was selected as the Apple Region 2021 Rising Star for outstanding academic achievement and for her efforts to tutor struggling students during COVID remote learning. She invested over 162 hours last year helping her peers to engage with STEM classwork! Kali hopes to pursue a career in civil or aerospace engineering so she can help design the modern world.

I have not seen anything Kali can not do. She is simply amazing in every way and she motivates and coaches other people to be amazing as well.Evon M LaGrou, School Counselor, Omak School District

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Nominated By:

Evon M LaGrou
School Counselor, Omak School District

“[Last year] Kali was looking for ways to be involved in her new high school and had an interest in helping other students. I had an overwhelming number of students failing classes and getting discouraged due to remote learning. At the end of March, Kali began tutoring students, in all subjects but especially math and science… Kali not only had the knowledge but also had the gentle demeanor to coach students, organize their learning, and make them feel good about returning to school. She gave hope to kids who had no hope. In the seven weeks since we started the tutoring program, her tutoring caseload went from one student to eighteen. In this time, she has racked up over a hundred and fifteen hours of community service in tutoring students in less than two months. Some students are passing all of their classes now…Kali is making a difference.”

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The Washington STEM Rising Star Awards encourage girls to embrace STEM education and to explore the use of STEM in ways that will support their education, career, and personal development and the development and needs of others.

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