Today is #DiscoverUWA, a campaign encouraging students of all ages to explore career and college pathways.

csumb-grad DiscoverU was started locally by career and college access providers in partnership with the Road Map Project in 2012! With that in mind, today is the perfect day to hear from Washington STEM’s new intern, Christina Smith, who shares a brief snapshot of her college experience:


Growing up we are told we can be whatever we want to be. As children, we say we want to be doctors, rocket scientists, and in my case, a dentist. As we grow older, however, we develop new interests and that clear idea of what we wanted to be becomes obscured. Then, all of a sudden, we have no idea what we want to be because the world has so much to offer.


Instead of getting lost in this void of obscurity, I did the only thing that had made sense to me… I went to community college. Community college had the benefit of offering a variety of courses that piqued my interest at a fraction of the cost of a four year university. At first I started as an Anthropology major because I loved ancient history, but I then found that I loved media more. I graduated from community college with two Associate degrees – one in Social Science and one in Communications. I then transferred to a state university and received my B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Media. Now I am at University of Washington working on my Master of Communications in Digital Media.


If you’re unclear of what exactly it is you want to do, or if you’re unsure of what you are most passionate about, don’t be afraid to research different options. Technical and trade schools, community colleges, certification programs… there is so much being offered; go explore! #DiscoverUWA


For more information on DiscoverU, visit their website: http://www.discoveruwa.org