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Q&A with Isabelle Haines, Communications Coordinator
In college, Isabelle Haines was unsure of her choice to study both math and English. Now, as Washington STEM's Communications Coordinator, she sees the value of an interdisciplinary education. In this Q&A, Isabelle talks math identity, interning at NASA, and her go-to Dick's Drive-In order. Read More
“Why STEM?”: The Case for a Strong Science and Math Education
By 2030, less than half of the new, entry-level jobs in Washington state will pay a family-wage. Of these family-wage jobs, 96% will require a postsecondary credential and 62% will require STEM literacy. Despite the upward trend in STEM jobs, science and math education is under-resourced and de-prioritized in Washington state. Read More
“Why STEM?”: Maria’s Journey Through STEM Education
In this second installment of our "Why STEM?" blog series, follow "Maria" on her journey from preschool to postsecondary. Read More
Q&A with Yoko Shimomura, Chief Operating Officer
From designing her own ethnic studies major to building a career from a temp job, Yoko Shimomura has always forged her own path. In this Q&A, Yoko discusses growing up during Seattle Public School's busing era, her background in DEI work, and her TV obsessions. Read More
Q&A with Dr. Andy Shouse, Chief Program Officer
Andy Shouse is Washington STEM’s Chief Program Officer and he has spent his career in research and development to eliminate inequities in education. In this Q&A, he discusses the sense of purpose that propelled him to Washington STEM, and why young people still inspire him. Read More
Q&A with Dr. Jenée Myers Twitchell, Chief Impact and Policy Officer
Five years ago, while at University of Washington, Dr. Jenée Myers Twitchell was asked to help write a job description for a new Washington STEM Impact lead. What she learned convinced her to apply. In this Q&A, Jenée discusses her secret talent, how working with UW Community fellows inspires her, and what growing up in Yakima taught her about privilege. Read More
Q&A with Migee Han, Chief Development and Communications Officer
Growing up in a family of teachers gave Migee Han, our Chief Development and Communications Officer, a lifelong interest in education systems. In this Q&A, she discusses her path to the nonprofit sector, her favorite things about Washington state, and what inspires her. Read More
Q&A with Josh Apata, Policy Manager
As a college freshman studying U.S. History, Josh Apata was curious about the past. Today, as Washington STEM's Policy Manager, he is focused on an equitable future for all Washington students. Read on to learn about Josh's education journey, the skill he picked up during the pandemic, and the moments in American history that inspire him. Read More
Top 5 WA STEM Moments of 2022
It’s official: 2022 was a milestone year for science. From the stunning images captured by the James Webb Telescope, to the much-awaited Artemis journey around the moon, to the recent discovery of nuclear fission as a potential source of clean energy (!), humanity has made major strides in 2022.
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