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New Strategic Plan: kick-off conversations
We're deep in the development of our next Strategic Plan. All that's missing is you! Read More
Q&A with Brenda Hernandez, Executive Assistant and Office Manager
As a first-generation college graduate, Brenda Hernandez, Washington STEM's Executive Assistant and Office Manager, knows the power of a postsecondary education. In this Q&A, she talks education policy, family, and her TV obsession. Read More
Q&A with Megan Madamba, Program Coordinator
As a student, Megan Madamba thought she was going to be a teacher, until her deep interest in sustainability pushed her to pursue environmental science. Today, her passions for education and STEM come full circle in her new role as our Program Coordinator. Read More
Q&A with Joanne Walby, Communications Manager
As a teenager, Joanne Walby was fascinated by history and its impact on political and economic systems worldwide. As an adult, she's made a career out of telling the story of systems change — and traveled to the former Soviet Union and Middle East in the process. Now Joanne is back home in Seattle, where she works as Washington STEM's Communications Manager. Read More
Life of the Data Bit: How Data Informs Education Policy
Here at Washington STEM, we rely on data that are publicly available. But how do we know they are reliable? In this blog, we’ll look how we source and validate the data used in our reports and dashboards. Read More
Meet Lynne K. Varner, CEO of Washington STEM
As the CEO of Washington STEM, Lynne K. Varner is working to make state-level education systems more equitable. In this Q&A, Lynne talks seeing Beyoncé live, west coast fashion, and the overheard conversation that changed the trajectory of her life. Read More
Q&A with Isabelle Haines, Communications Coordinator
In college, Isabelle Haines was unsure of her choice to study both math and English. Now, as Washington STEM's Communications Coordinator, she sees the value of an interdisciplinary education. In this Q&A, Isabelle talks math identity, interning at NASA, and her go-to Dick's Drive-In order. Read More
“Why STEM?”: The Case for a Strong Science and Math Education
By 2030, less than half of the new, entry-level jobs in Washington state will pay a family-wage. Of these family-wage jobs, 96% will require a postsecondary credential and 62% will require STEM literacy. Despite the upward trend in STEM jobs, science and math education is under-resourced and de-prioritized in Washington state. Read More
“Why STEM?”: Maria’s Journey Through STEM Education
In this second installment of our "Why STEM?" blog series, follow "Maria" on her journey from preschool to postsecondary. Read More