Three Key Strategies for Systems-Level Impact
Our education systems involve a wide range of stakeholders, and systems change can't happen without teamwork and coordinated efforts between these stakeholders. To support these efforts, Washington STEM focuses on three primary strategies to drive change: Partnership, Direct Support, and Advocacy. With that in mind, let's take a look at how we're building Partnerships and relationships that can create lasting collective impact. Read More
Creating Opportunity, Equity, and Impact in Healthcare Careers
In-demand healthcare careers give students great opportunities for family-sustaining wages. They also offer the potential to drive impact individually and across communities & the world. We're working with Kaiser Permanente and other partners to ensure all students have access to education pathways that lead to these jobs. Read More
The Equitable Dual Credit Toolkit
Created in partnership with Eisenhower High School and OSPI, this toolkit was designed to help practitioners explore the driving questions behind disparities in dual credit participation. Read More
Developing Equitable Dual Credit Experiences
A Washington STEM partnership with Eisenhower High School and OSPI to create a scalable approach to improving equity in dual credit programs Read More
As Washington STEM transitions to spring and the promise the new year holds, Washington STEM CEO Angela Jones shares her thoughts and reflections on a difficult 2020 and what it means to be an anti-racist organization. Read More
Washington STEM Summit 2021
The 10th annual Washington STEM Summit will again be a virtual affair! We're digitally bringing together education, business, and community leaders to tackle some of the biggest STEM education issues in our state. Read More