Meet Aeriel Wauhob – Wildlife Biologist, Educator, and Notable Woman in STEM
Aeriel Wauhob is an Education Coordinator at the Puget Sound Estuarium in Olympia, WA. She teaches the public about marine life and the Puget Sound estuary ecosystem so we can all be better stewards of our natural resources. Read More
Q&A with Henedina Tavares, Community Partner Fellow with Washington STEM
Get to know Washington STEM's newest team member, Henedina Tavares, Community Partner Fellow Read More
Washington STEM Summer Reading List 2020
It’s that time of the year where the Washington STEM staff offers up some of our favorite summer reads, podcasts, and other fun, thought-provoking content. Dig into our latest blog if you’re looking for something to settle in to on a sunny afternoon. Read More
Q&A with Kimberly Lawrence, Notable Woman in STEM
Kimberly Lawrence is a Water Engineer at Jacobs and a Washington STEM Notable Woman in STEM. Kimberly is a community builder, and advocate for women in STEM, and is working to make the world a better place through engineering. Read More
A reflection on my last six months at Washington STEM
"It’s been rewarding to see that I can start making a difference and working for underserved communities so early into my career and I can’t wait to continue doing so in the next phase of my journey! Read More