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Q&A with Kimberly Lawrence, Notable Woman in STEM
Kimberly Lawrence is a Water Engineer at Jacobs and a Washington STEM Notable Woman in STEM. Kimberly is a community builder, and advocate for women in STEM, and is working to make the world a better place through engineering.
A reflection on my last six months at Washington STEM
"It’s been rewarding to see that I can start making a difference and working for underserved communities so early into my career and I can’t wait to continue doing so in the next phase of my journey!
Tacoma STEAM Network & West Sound STEM Network Partner for Pierce County Regional Apprenticeship Summit
“If we do nothing else with apprenticeships in Washington, we need to do what?”
Reflections from our Super Youth Advocates: Gabriella Tosado
As a science graduate student, you are usually expected to keep your nose in your lab, produce good work, graduate, and move on to the big world of academia. However, over the past year as a STEM Super Youth Advocate, I have been able to integrate science, education, and civil engagement and am lucky that my department has allowed me to go outside those traditional academic boundaries.  
Washington STEM and Jobs for the Future develop a policy guide for Career Connected Learning
Career connected learning has the potential to create meaningful and powerful connections between what’s learned in the classroom and the skills needed to thrive in any given industry.
Zeno Summer Institute: Creating Opportunity for Families of Color
The themes of healing, community support, and cultural inclusion echoed throughout the third annual Zeno Summer Institute, hosted by Zeno, where educators, caregivers, and advocates gathered for two days to learn how to better support families of color in providing foundational math experiences for early learners.
Baron Paterson – STEM Super Youth Advocate: Tri-Cities
Being a STEM Super Youth Advocate allows me to show students how STEM education will be beneficial in the future. It allows me to tell my own story of overcoming financial and academic challenges to pursue my college degree. I hope my story will inspire other students to keep pushing for their dreams. That’s why I’m a STEM Super Youth Advocate.
Simran Sonika – STEM Super Youth Advocate: Tacoma
"I am hoping to apply what I have learned in the classroom and at my job to the cause and community I care deeply about. I want to become an active member of the environmental community and make immediate contributions. That’s why I’m a STEM Super Youth Advocate."
Meet Yvonne Xiao, Graduate Communications Intern
It was that class that made me realize that science can be fun for everyone. It was also that class that helped me realize the giant gap between science and the general public. Science communication and education are vital to our society.
Business, education, and government leaders in 12 communities across the state are teaming up to create over 29,000 career connected learning experiences by September 2019.
We're proud to feature this guest video from Martin Sortun Elementary in Kent, a school that’s been on an almost decade-long journey to becoming a traditional public elementary school that also does STEM well.
Computer Science Catalyzes Career Connected Learning in the West Sound STEM Region
On August 1, 2018, MacDonald-Miller hosted 20 teachers from the West Sound STEM Network for a day of intensive learning and engagement to discuss how computer science skills, including computational thinking, coding, and design thinking, are used daily at MacDonald-Miller.
Remembering Alex Johnston
On July 17, 2018, Alex Johnston, Washington STEM’s passionate, talented, and driven Chief Development Officer, passed away suddenly. Today we honor her contributions.

Emily Peite, STEM Super Youth Advocate: Tri-Cities
"As an ambassador of STEM education, I identify with the pressing need in our community for change, and will focus my efforts on preparing our community for the future, which will certainly entail a great deal of STEM! That's why I'm a STEM Super Youth Advocate."
Bidding Farewell to our retiring CFO, Cindy Gustafson
Join us in wishing our retiring CFO, Cindy Gustafson, a fond farewell.
Gabriella Tosado – STEM Super Youth Advocate: Tacoma
"I know there should be more women in the field being awesome and discovering new things. That’s why I’m a STEM Super Advocate."