Educational Resources Digest – Week of August 10
Volume 9 - Resources to help you continue to support learning during the COVID-19 pandemic Read More
Washington STEM Summit 2020
The 9th annual Washington STEM Summit has gone virtual! We're digitally bringing together education, business, and community leaders to tackle some of the biggest STEM education issues in our state. Read More
Washington STEM Summer Reading List 2020
It’s that time of the year where the Washington STEM staff offers up some of our favorite summer reads, podcasts, and other fun, thought-provoking content. Dig into our latest blog if you’re looking for something to settle in to on a sunny afternoon. Read More
Shared Crisis, Uneven Impact
How does the COVID-19 pandemic intersect with the work of Washington STEM? In more ways than you might think. Read More
Get to know Krysten Carlson – Chemist, Lab Manager, and Notable Woman in STEM
Krysten Carlson is a chemist and lab manager at Kala Labs, where she helps support doctors develop the right treatment plans for patients who have pain management needs. Read More
Welcome to the 2020 STEM Signing Day Celebration
STEM Signing Day is an annual celebration of students who commit to continue their education in a STEM field. Read More