Q&A with Josh Apata, Policy Manager
As a college freshman studying U.S. History, Josh Apata was curious about the past. Today, as Washington STEM's Policy Manager, he is focused on an equitable future for all Washington students. Read on to learn about Josh's education journey, the skill he picked up during the pandemic, and the moments in American history that inspire him. Read More
Recipe for Success at the STEM Summit
It’s nearly the end of the year and, like so many others, we’ll be in the kitchen preparing for gatherings with friends and family. With all this cooking and baking ahead, we’ve got recipes on our minds — even as we think about STEM education. Read More
Top 5 WA STEM Moments of 2022
It’s official: 2022 was a milestone year for science. From the stunning images captured by the James Webb Telescope, to the much-awaited Artemis journey around the moon, to the recent discovery of nuclear fission as a potential source of clean energy (!), humanity has made major strides in 2022.
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Meet Desirée Wolfgramm, Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Energy Northwest and Notable Woman in STEM
Desirée Wolfgramm started out in the Arts before she was inspired to become a mechanical engineer by a career day at General Motors. Now she manages regulatory compliance at a nuclear power plant in the Tri-Cities. And along the way, she became mother to six kids! Read below to learn how she did it—and how she continues to inspire others to follow a career in STEM. Read More