Hope & Joy

During this time of uncertainty, we all need a reminder of the good that surrounds us. STEM-related or not, we wanted to share a few things that are helping us get through the day and lifting our spirits.


If you’re like us here at Washington STEM, you’ve had to find a balance with the information and news you read these days—one that helps keep you informed, and yet isn’t overwhelming. For us, that means not staying glued to our phones or computers and setting up a schedule to check-in on the day’s news.

Still, though the world is in the middle of an international health crisis, there are moments of hope and humanity all around us. Everyday people have morphed into heroes overnight. Neighbors are coming together to help one another. Creatives are finding ways to help parents edutain their children while they sit through video calls. Our healthcare providers, hospital service workers, administrative staff, and healthcare support staff show up each and every day to care for people afflicted with this highly contagious disease.

There is inspiration all around us. We wanted to share a list that we’ve created as a touchstone—a blog post full of hope, heart, and humanity—just in case you also need a lift. Not all of this content is specific to STEM, but it is specific to shining a light during this darkness. You can refer back to this as a reminder that while things are incredibly challenging right now, there are countless people stepping up to help, heroic acts occurring daily, and love is all around us.

  1. Thousands of retired healthcare workers are volunteering to help areas overwhelmed by coronavirus along with others who have volunteered to step up and serve in New York.
  2. Though restaurants are hurting, many of them are helping provide free meals to frontline health workers and kids and families experiencing food insecurity. Also, Lizzo buying lunch for the UW Emergency Room Medical staff.
  3. Artists and museums are stepping up in ways that help soothe the weary soul and bring smiles, music, and doodles to our new daily routine.
  4. Washington crafters are making masks and face shields to help protect healthcare workers.
  5. 9,000 retired army medical personnel have answered a call to serve.
  6. Joyful noise, sounds of appreciation, frontline heroes singing on break, and songs of gratitude can be heard from Italy to New York.
  7. Berklee College of Music performing “What the World Needs Now.” And this Couch Choir singing “Close to You.”
  8. Pluto the Dog.
  9. The Graham Kepowsin High School band Zoom performance.
  10. Boop My Nose. Because who doesn’t love a little dog nose?