An Announcement from the Washington STEM Board Chair

Dear Friends, Partners, and Supporters,

It is with both sadness and gratitude that I am writing to share that Angela Jones will be leaving her position as Chief Executive Officer at Washington STEM to join the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as their new Director, Washington State Initiative.

During her time as CEO of the organization, Angela led the team through a challenging chapter, navigating both a global pandemic as well as the impacts of the racial reckoning. Despite these challenges, we have been able to deepen our community impact through the creation of new data and measurement tools, help build and strengthen cross-sector partnerships, and sharpen our programmatic focus.

Washington STEM is in a strong position having scaled up our efforts to develop sound policies, strong partnerships, and innovative programs through our statewide STEM networks. At our ten-year mark, we have found our niche in the collaborative fabric of our state and will continue to work to refine how we serve our statewide communities over the coming years. We have a strong Board and talented staff and we have no doubts that while it will be a loss for Washington STEM to see Angela go, the state education system and students of Washington will benefit. Our staff will continue to lead as they have been over the last two years and we remain as committed as ever to creating a state where skin color, zip code, income, and gender do not predict educational and career outcomes will continue.

The Washington STEM Board is in the process of developing a transition plan to ensure our work to support STEM education continues and grows so that every student is prepared for their future. Our mission and work have attracted exceptional talent to our team, and we expect our next CEO will build on the strong base that exists while enhancing our work with their unique talents and skillsets.

Please join me in thanking Angela and wishing her well in this new chapter. We look forward to our continued execution of Washington STEM’s mission and our continued partnership with Angela through the Gates Foundation. Thank you for your support.


Liz Tinkham
Board Chair, Washington STEM

Angela Jones
“It is with equal parts enthusiasm and melancholy that I announce my transition to a new role at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to serve as their new Director, Washington State Initiative. This was the most challenging decision of my professional career to date, but as I exit Washington STEM, I know without a doubt that the organization is stronger than ever. It has been my privilege and honor to work with such passionate, dedicated, and equity-centered professionals who will stop at nothing to create a more just and equitable Washington. There is much ahead for both organizations, and together, we can make meaningful, lasting change,”

Angela Jones, J.D.
Washington STEM CEO