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Jesus Rodriguez – STEM Super Youth Advocate: Wenatchee
I hope that with my background, work ethic, and service I am able to contribute and make a positive difference in my career industry and community. As I reflect back on my education and extracurricular involvement, my two passions are agriculture and serving my community - that’s why I am a STEM super advocate.
We're proud to feature this guest video from Martin Sortun Elementary in Kent, a school that’s been on an almost decade-long journey to becoming a traditional public elementary school that also does STEM well.
Computer Science Catalyzes Career Connected Learning in the West Sound STEM Region
On August 1, 2018, MacDonald-Miller hosted 20 teachers from the West Sound STEM Network for a day of intensive learning and engagement to discuss how computer science skills, including computational thinking, coding, and design thinking, are used daily at MacDonald-Miller.
Remembering Alex Johnston
On July 17, 2018, Alex Johnston, Washington STEM’s passionate, talented, and driven Chief Development Officer, passed away suddenly. Today we honor her contributions.

Emily Peite, STEM Super Youth Advocate: Tri-Cities
"As an ambassador of STEM education, I identify with the pressing need in our community for change, and will focus my efforts on preparing our community for the future, which will certainly entail a great deal of STEM! That's why I'm a STEM Super Youth Advocate."
Bidding Farewell to our retiring CFO, Cindy Gustafson
Join us in wishing our retiring CFO, Cindy Gustafson, a fond farewell.
Gabriella Tosado – STEM Super Youth Advocate: Tacoma
"I know there should be more women in the field being awesome and discovering new things. That’s why I’m a STEM Super Advocate."